• The Big Fungi and Taters (Lion's Mane Mushroom Sandwich)

    Every Newfoundlander should know the power of a Big Fungi and Taters. This is the kind of food that keeps you on the water, that lets you squeeze every drop out of that squeezebox, or that just keeps your rubber boots from flopping. It’s simply a smashed, breaded, and fried Lion’s Mane Mushroom burger on a bun with taters. This recipe is built on a dinner for two.

  • Souvlaki Shiitake Pizza

    This is fun little recipe that takes very little prep time.  It's filling and yet light. It's super flavourful.
  • Maple Grilled Maitake

    It’s one of the many superfoods we carry. When you grill up these little gems, they “crisp” up on the outside and stay juicy on the inside. Truly a heavenly food!

  • Black Pearl Mushroom Croutons

    The Black Pearl Mushroom is likely the most highly underated.

    When we cook with mushrooms, we play with flavours, textures, and shapes to achieve the palette appeasing goal we are trying to reach. The Black Pearl, The Black King Oyster, or the Shimofuri Hiratake are all names for this mushroom. It is absolutely exquisite and versatile at achieving these culinary goals.

  • Cooking with Dried Mushrooms

    Dried Mushrooms can be a great replacement for fresh mushrooms or might even add versatility for specific recipes.  The important variable is how you rehydrate them.  The description included below is for using water to rehydrate, however, the real flavour opportunity is accessed when you rehydrate mushrooms with a broth or marinade.